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Cómo registrarse en Tungsten Network

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Video Transcript: Register for the Tungsten Network portal

Welcome to Tungsten Network. This video will show you how to register to submit invoices to your customers via Tungsten Network. It will give you step by step instructions to complete the simple registration process so you can quickly start using the Tungsten Network portal.                                  

To begin, please click the “Register” button at the top of the page.

Please complete the mandatory fields as indicated on the registration page.  Remember to make a note of your username and password as you will need it to access the site for all future invoice and credit submissions. Once the mandatory fields have been completed, please tick the verification box and enter the displayed text in the field that appears.

The next step is to review and accept our terms and conditions.

Once you have filled in the relevant fields, please click “Sign Up” to complete the registration process.  Please review our “Terms Of Service”. After reviewing the terms, please tick the box located by your company name and account number.

Next, please tick the box confirming you have authorization to accept the terms of services.

Once all boxes have been ticked, please click “Accept” to complete your registration.


Congratulations, you have successfully completed your registration with Tungsten Network!

It’s important that you now “Connect with your customer” and “Confirm your Company Details”.

Connecting with your customer allows you to find which of your customers actively accept invoices from Tungsten Network. Once you have connected with your customer, please update your company details.  Updating your company details ensures your correct Bill From Address, Remit Details, VAT or TAX ID Number are hard coded to all delivered invoices and credits.

This step is important to ensure your invoices are legally compliant. Once you have connected with your customer and updated your company details, Tungsten Network will contact your customer to confirm your company details.

You will receive an email from the Tungsten Network help desk once your customer has approved the request.