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Video Transcript: Find help and support via the Tungsten Network Portal

Welcome to Tungsten. This video was designed to provide step by step instructions to create a support ticket, track the status of previously created support tickets, locate how to videos as well as the general phone number for the Tungsten Network helpdesk .
To begin, Please visit

Welcome to the Tungsten Network Help & Support page. Prior to logging into your account, visit our frequently asked questions, training tutorial videos as well as our contact us links.

The Tungsten Network Help & Support page is primarily for new customers..

If you are an existing customer reporting or following up on a previously reported issue, please click “Login” at the top of the page to access your account with Tungsten Network.

Enter your email address and password.

If you have forgotten your password or registered email account, help is available online.

Click “Forgot Your Password” to receive an email link that will allow you to reset your password.

Click “Forgot Your Details” to submit a support request for assistance with your email address or other login problems such as forgotten “memorable word”.

After you have entered your email address and password, click “Login”.

Receiving Help & Support is a simple process via the Tungsten Network.

We offer 2 options to access our “Help & Support” page from the home screen. To begin, click 1 of the 2 Help & Support links.

Prior to creating a support ticket or contacting the Tungsten Network helpdesk, please browse our Help & Support task list. We have a variety of articles and how to videos to assist with your questions, concerns or technical issues.

If you still need assistance after reviewing the Help & Support task list, please enter your query in the search box to view our full list of support articles.

Our “Support Articles” are extremely helpful when searching for more information related to Tungsten Network services and/or the functionality of the Tungsten Network portal. Once the search has been completed, please expand the section to review the results of your query.

If you still need assistance after reviewing the Help & Support articles, please click “Watch Videos” to view the full list of how to video tutorials.

The “Watch Videos” link will help you gain a better understanding of the Tungsten Network portal and it’s functionality.

Please click on any of the How to Videos shown as they provide insight into the functionality of the Tungsten Network portal.

If you still need assistance after reviewing the Help & Support How to videos, please click “Open A Support Ticket” to raise your question or concern with Tungsten Network's helpdesk.

When creating a support ticket, please ensure to provide insight in regards to the request. Tungsten also accepts attachments should you have a picture of an error message you are receiving.

Once your ticket has been created, a member from the Tungsten Helpdesk will action the request within 1-2 business days. If the request is urgent, please provide your support ticket number when calling the Tungsten Network helpdesk.

After all details have been entered, click “Submit” to enter your support request.

Once your request has been addressed by a member of the Tungsten Network support desk, you will receive an email confirming your request has been addressed. After reviewing the email, please log into your Tungsten Network account and visit the Help & Support page.

Click “You have _ Active Requests” to view or respond to open, resolved and closed support tickets.

Click “Active” to view all “Open or Resolved” request.

Once you have selected the status category, please click “View” to see support ticket details.

After reviewing the correspondence between you and the Tungsten Network helpdesk, click “Accept” to confirm you are satisfied with the response provided.

If you have additional questions or concerns in relation to the initial subject for the support request, click “Re-open”.

The ticket will be moved back to the “Open” status and you will be contacted within 4 hours by a member of the Tungsten Network’s helpdesk.

If the matter is urgent, please call the Tungsten Network helpdesk.

The support phone number shown will direct you to the support center closes to your physical location. To update your company’s location, please visit our My Account page from the Tungsten Network home page.

When calling the Tungsten Network helpdesk, please provide your support ticket number or OB10 number.

As you can see, Tungsten’s Help & Support pages are very helpful.

You can also create or respond to resolved support tickets from the home page. Simply click “Open a support ticket Support Request”.