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  • Investor Relations

Investor Relations

In a world where trading activity increasingly crosses borders, electronic invoicing provides a solution to a variety of challenges, from country tax compliance to late payments. CEO Rick Hurwitz talks to World Finance magazine about how Tungsten Network is building the future with e-invoicing.

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CEO webcast

In the below video, CEO Richard Hurwitz expands on some of the topics from Tungsten's recent capital markets day, including the measures we're undertaking to promote profitable growth of our e-invoicing business and how we intend to increase volumes of our invoice financing product.

Richard Hurwitz interviewed for European CEO

In Europe, more than 40 percent of invoices are processed late. What can companies do? Tungsten Network advocates for digitisation and automation: removing the human element from the process as much as possible. Tungsten CEO Richard Hurwitz explains further in this video with European CEO.


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Tungsten Network Business Model

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> Enables buyers to reduce their AP costs by 60%

> Helps SMEs control and optimise their cash flow

> Improves tax collection for governments

> Streamlines global trade

> Reduces environmental footprint