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Analytics on the agenda at BME Symposium

by Marie Crouan 24. November 2014 08:42 AM
As organisations continue to seek to develop processes to gain a better overview of their expenditure, the role of rigorous spend analytics becomes ever more important. [More]
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A billion euro reminder of the perils of invoice fraud and how it can be prevented

by Danny Thompson 29. October 2014 04:24 AM
A tendency for deception is a part of human nature and there will always be individuals who take the opportunity to deceive. In other words, fraud is going to happen so what are you going to do about it? [More]
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Protecting Tungsten Network users from the POODLE vulnerability

by Chris Lowrie 17. October 2014 11:16 AM
Tungsten Network's response to the POODLE bug. [More]
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e-Invoicing progress in Mexico and beyond: bridging the cultural gap

by Charles Bryant 4. September 2014 09:06 AM
Tungsten's European Affairs Advisor Charles Bryant reports back from AMEXIPAC's 1st International Electronic Tax and Invoice Forum and suggests ways to better enable full e-Invoicing adoption across the globe. [More]
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OB10 network unaffected by Heartbleed bug

by Chris Lowrie 11. April 2014 06:42 AM
The OB10 network is not affected by the Heartbleed bug. [More]
Chris Lowrie. Click to know more about author.

The real business of keeping systems and data secure

by Chris Lowrie 17. August 2011 01:59 PM
By now there cannot be many people in the world who have not seen the deluge of recent data security issues affecting some well-known private companies and public institutions. When newspapers and Int... [More]