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Invoice Data Capture (IDC)

Eliminate 100% of your paper handling

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by turning all your paper, fax and pdf invoices into system-ready electronic documents with Tungsten Network Invoice Data Capture.

A few of the benefits you'll realise

Accuracy rate up to 99.8%

  • Scan and capture invoice data, to an accuracy rate of up to 99.8%, then validate and audit it against pre-set rules before passing it directly through to your ERP system

25 languages

  • Tungsten Network can digitise paper invoices received in 25 languages – including Japanese, Mandarin and Korean.

Data validation using PO data

  • Purchase Order invoices can be matched against Purchase Order data, making reconciliation quick and simple.

OCR and Machine Learning Software

  • Our data capture uses artificial intelligence to save hours of time. The software improves its own performance by learning unique supplier information as it captures data.

Information at your fingertips

  • All digital invoices are archived and available on the Tungsten Network portal, making it easy to drill down into the line level detail with Tungsten Network Analytics

Increase e-invoicing adoption

  • Convert paper to electronic data and remove paper friction from your Accounts Payable processes

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