As part of your engagement process with Tungsten Network, built on OB10 e-invoicing, some communications from us reference downloadable items that you may require in your usage of the Tungsten service. Please read the description associated with each item and download them if required.

Apple Mac Compatibility

Not all versions of the Apple Mac operating system and browsers can be used with Tungsten Network. Please download the document below to review compatibility requirements.

 Apple Compatibility

Digital Signing and Verification

Tungsten produces Invoice Images in PDF format. These are digitally signed to conform to the requirements of European tax law as implemented by a number of EU countries.

For more information on Tungsten Network Signing, download the "Digital Signing and Verification Document".

Digital Signing and Verification Document

In order to verify the signature you need to download and install the certificates used into Adobe Reader. Please download all files called "" and install the certificates by following the instructions in Section 8 of "Digital Signing and Verification Document".


You need these digital certificates to read Invoices which have been digitally signed by the Tungsten Network (in HTML email or other signed formats).

Choose a format which works with your computer, download the zip file and install all three certificates.

Instructions for Internet Explorer:

  1. Open each certificate file
  2. Press Install Certificate
  3. Press Next, Next, Next until each certificate is installed

Once you have installed the Identrus-Root, RBS-Identrus and Tungsten-RBS certificates, a chain is established from the root certificate to the certificate used to digitally sign Tungsten Network invoice data, emails or images.

For invoices processed between June 2006 and August 2006


For invoices processed prior to June 2006

Tax Authority Notification

For certain countries it is required that you notify your local tax authority with your intent to archive your e-Invoices on the Tungsten Network secure archive. Please click here to view the relevant authority letters for download.