Creating an account

For high volume suppliers: The Integrated Solution
For suppliers with high invoice volumes, Tungsten offers an Integrated Solution that allows you to send invoices and credit notes directly from your billing system. The data extracted from your system can be in any format. Data files can be sent to the network via the Tungsten secure web site by any method including EDI, SFTP or a transmission method of your choice.

To sign up for Integrated Solution, click here. You will be contacted by one of our enrollment specialists who will guide you through the registration process.

For lower volume suppliers: The Web Form
For suppliers with lower invoice volumes, the Tungsten Web Form allows you to create invoices online. This method is used by those suppliers who do not have a billing system and/or currently generate invoices manually (e.g. as a word document, e-mail attachment, etc.).

To sign up for the Web Form, click here. You will start the registration process that will enable you to begin submitting invoices to your customer almost immediately.