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Overcoming business barriers to international trade

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit – exactly when the government will invoke Article 50 and what sort of deal the UK will get from the EU – is causing many SMEs to look beyond the historically easy pickings of the EU and towards the wider world for international trade.

Billy Hayden, head of supplier enrolment, discusses how Tungsten Network can help SMEs do business overseas in this timely Real Business article. 

About the author

Billy Hayden

I joined Tungsten Network's Supplier Enrolment Team in 2006 and I am currently Tungsten’s Head of AR Business Development. Meeting and interacting with large existing (and new!) customers around the world is a really enjoyable aspect of the role for me. Every day is different and requires close collaboration with our internal teams. When I’m not in the office, my hobbies include travelling, football, watching live concerts and eating out.

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