Tungsten Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for e-invoicing?

We have devised a ‘Seven Ps’ method which measures the seven key areas of internal readiness for businesses preparing for an e-invoicing project.

The Tungsten Seven Ps

  • Process - Your current AP process capabilities
  • Passion – Your level of urgency and visibility
  • Purpose – The maturity of your business objectives and focus
  • Parts – Your IT setup
  • People – Your organisational capabilities
  • Payment - Your payment terms and financing arrangements
  • Perfecting - Your current level of spend visibility


Measure your state of readiness and benchmark your business against the average Tungsten customer

Select the relevant stage that is most appropriate for your business within each of the Seven P tables below. You will receive a score for each of the Seven Ps which can then be mapped against the average Tungsten e-invoicing customer.

Process (capability)

Our current inbound invoice process is stable and transparent
We match invoices with POs or do 3-way match
We can handle exceptions, we know how to route these, we understand the cause for the exceptions
We have a process in place to reject invoices back to suppliers
Total score for Process

Passion (urgency)

We're actively looking to improve our A/P process, to eliminate manual labour and inefficiencies
The current situation has visibility at C-level
We have a business case improvement of our A/P process
Paying suppliers on time is critical for us
Total score for Passion

Purpose (focus)

Procurement are actively involved in our project and seek P2P process compliance
We have executive sponsorship and can quickly allocate resources to an e-invoicing project
There are no competing projects (for same resources)
We have identified clear business drivers pushing us in the direction of e-invoicing
Total score for Purpose

Parts (IT)

We have a single ERP system
We have workflow in place
If we use PO we can electronically match these with invoices
We have experience with automating the paper invoice
Total score for Parts

People (organisation)

We are centralised in a shared service centre or centralised admin
We own our own AP Process (not outsourced)
Our tax people understand e-invoicing and our respective responsibilities
Our Procurement and Finance departments are working closely together
Total score for People


We are looking at extending our payment terms
We have a Supply Chain Financing programme
The SCF programme is open to ALL suppliers
We can process and approve invoices quickly enough to take advantage of Early Payment Discount
Total score for Payment


We have real-time access to objective line-level spend information
We have immediate visibility of paid cross-border VAT on supplier invoices without requiring research
We know we take full advantage of contracted discounts
We can identify price variances in real time
Total score for Perfecting
Stage Answer Score
Option 1 / No 0
Option 2 1
Option 3 2
Option 4 / Yes 3

View your results

Click the button below to view your results and benchmark your business against the average Tungsten customer.

Your e-invoicing readiness results

Max Score Actual Avg Tungsten
Process 12 8
Passion 12 9
Purpose 12 9
Parts 12 9
People 12 8
Payment 12 6
Perfecting 12 4