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EESPA update

As part of its work to promote the adoption of electronic invoicing, EESPA, the European trade association for e-Invoicing service providers, passed two important resolutions at its recent general assembly meeting. 

We discussed the latest version of the Model Interoperability Agreement (MIA) and agreed on the EESPA position for a number of issues related to public policy.

Model Interoperability Agreement 

EESPA has adopted version 3 of the MIA and has made it available on its website.

The agreement and its user guide are available to EESPA members. They can also be used by interested stakeholders and other service providers or communities of service providers who wish to interoperate with each other. If you are a service provider and meet EESPA’s membership criteria, we recommend that you join the association to benefit from our combined approach. 

During the meeting we declared that our focus lies in implementing the MIA to create an interoperable ecosystem for the delivery of electronic invoices. 

Public policy positions

We also agreed the EESPA position on a number of public policies that concern service providers and their communities of customers in Europe. These subject areas include:

  • A push for greater harmonization and legal certainty in relation to VAT and other legal compliance requirements
  • A plea for a doctrine of ‘solution neutrality’ across the market
  • Governance and data protection
  • EESPA’s participation in the EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing  
  • Our support for the adoption of e-Invoicing in public procurement across the EU

The association will continue to monitor public policy that affects electronic invoicing in Europe and make recommendations on matters we believe will impact EESPA members.

For more information on the MIA and our public policy positions, please visit 

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