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EESPA's Model Interoperability Agreement has arrived

When the European e-Invoicing Service Providers’ Association (EESPA) was formed, among its high-level objectives was the promotion of an interoperable eco-system. Fourteen months later, the organisation has taken a significant step towards achieving this aim with the launch of the Model Interoperability Agreement (MIA), and we're proud to be part of it.

The MIA is a standardised, bilateral agreement for exchanging invoices between two e-Invoicing service providers. Developed by the association’s working group on interoperability, led by Tim Cole, the agreement has been blessed by the EESPA members’ legal counsel, which includes our own Head of Legal, Sam Sears.

It’s a major achievement to get consensus from members representing companies from across the spectrum of invoice automation service providers. In the recent announcement, EESPA’s Chair, Esa Tihilä, says, “Trading partners can be assured that their information will be transmitted promptly, in the right format and with the necessary quality to meet compliance requirements.”

We're not letting any dust settle on the MIA. We’re using it for an interoperation partnership that is under discussion at the moment. I hope to share more information on how it has worked for us in the near future.

In the meantime, congratulations, EESPA - this is a great achievement!

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Gary Benson

I joined Tungsten Network, then OB10, at the beginning in 2000: the four founders, plus me as General Manager. Having initially created and managed the core business execution processes and then built our Partner ecosystem, in the last three years I recruited and now manage our team of Global Client Relationship Directors. This team is focused on elevating Tungsten’s role from being a simple ‘supplier’ to increasingly being viewed as an expert partner in transforming the AP function of our global clients and expanding the deployment of e-invoicing globally. In parallel we started the European e-Invoice Service Providers Association (EeSPA), which is now an independently managed membership of 60+ Service Providers, providing industry representation on the EU Commission e-invoice development forums. I am a member of the executive board. Having been part of the growth of the industry over the last 16 years, I am passionate about 'real' e-invoicing (happy to debate what this is with anyone!) and can be a little bit intense, so apologies in advance. When I'm not at work or with my family, I play (bad) golf or watch (great) football or rugby, having played both in the distant past.

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