Henkel enables 900,000 e-invoices within 12 months

Henkel’s success with invoice automation can be attributed to the full commitment of its AP department to partnering with Tungsten Network to explore e-invoicing as a complementary process to their existing AP technology.


Henkel, a global consumer goods organisation of 50,000 employees responsible for brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite, is committed to optimising its purchase-to-pay function by increasing efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.

Despite having self-billing in place, Henkel continued to handle 1.25m paper invoices each year. In order to deliver further automation and efficiency, they decided to explore e-invoicing as a complementary process to their existing AP technology.

Within the first 12 months, suppliers that send 72% of Henkel’s in-scope invoices were signed-up for e-invoicing. As a result, Henkel extended the project’s reach to Central and Eastern Europe, and continues to focus on ramping up the transaction volumes. Henkel does not scan any invoices and is benefiting from the increased transparency e-invoicing provides. Looking to the future, Henkel is taking the rollout of e-invoicing even further by including North America and Asia in the program.

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invoices electronic within 12 months
priority regions identified for imminent Tungsten rollout

“Tungsten stood out in a variety of ways, most notably because of its supplier onboarding capability. The focus on VAT compliance, as well as its straightforward pricing model, were also influential in the decision-making process.”

Jens Fischer, Global Process Manager – Purchase to Pay, Henkel

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