With Tungsten LifeScan increased invoice automation, approval and visibility which drove up efficiency and kept down costs

Healthcare manufacturer LifeScan processes over 3,000 invoices per month, so invoice automation for increased approval rates and stakeholder visibility is business critical. Using Tungsten, ERP Project Manager Abu Subhan has reached 99% invoice accuracy and 99% invoices processed within two days. We’ve got LifeScan’s story here.


In 2018, when LifeScan was divested from its parent company and into private equity ownership, ERP Project Manager Abu Subhan was charged with finding a new Procure to Pay system. One of his initial remits was to find a system that integrated with the new owners’ existing systems.

There was an Accounts Payable license agreement in place, which was costed on a percentage of turnover. LifeScan’s large revenue, however, meant it was an expensive choice. They also needed a comprehensive Accounts Payable solution that would integrate and work with their procure to pay system.

LifeScan held a competitive review and whittled the choice down to four bids, involving two-day selection workshops where each vendor showcased their services and solutions.

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invoices per month
invoices processed within 2 days
invoice accuracy

“It was one of the best decisions we’ve made to go with the Tungsten platform. Its ease of use and adaptability meant we had to do hardly any development to make it work. All procurement users and our AP department are benefitting from Tungsten Workflow. The team was great… In fact, it feels like the Tungsten team are an extension of our team.”

Abu Subhan, ERP Project Manager

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