Revised tax VAT rates

Bulgaria continues its busy fiscal trajectory alongside lowering its VAT registration threshold this month, through the adopting of the Bill to amend the VAT law. This has introduced multiple VAT rate changes in the country for key services. 

Bulgaria initially implemented several VAT changes in the summer of 2020 as a direct response to the Covid pandemic, where the standard tax rate of 20% was replaced by the reduced rate of 9% for various goods and services. The 9% reduced rate will now also apply to the following: 

  • Catering and restaurant services 
  • Tourism services 
  • Books and textbooks 
  • Certain foodstuffs and supplies 
  • Sports facilities and supplies 

These tax measures are expected to last until December 2023. 

Bulgaria is a compliant territory for Tungsten Network and we support all valid VAT rates in the country as part of our e-invoicing solution.  

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