Croatia – Fiscalisation 2.0

Despite 2022 being relatively muted with respect to e-invoicing developments in the country, Croatia has been significantly more vocal in its support for introducing Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs) in 2023. CTCs serve as potent government measures which help to reduce VAT gaps, with the corollary of developing and automating wider fiscal procedures. 

Kofax has been monitoring developments in respect of the Croatian government’s ‘Fiscalisation 2.0’ project. Our recent post confirms the main goals associated with the project.  

To this effect, the government has recently issued an announcement regarding the initiative which can be accessed here (in Croatian only). Currently, the plan is very much in its infancy, but with significant developments expected over the coming months. 

With a tentative time period of 2024 confirmed for the roll-out, Kofax will keenly follow project developments and consider Kofax’s role within the wider project. 

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