VAT registration threshold rise

VAT registration thresholds were generally viewed as a stable and steady feature- but the economic volatility of the last few years- which saw a pandemic, inflation, and even impending recessions- have seen governments acting with considerable latitude in respect of VAT registration threshold changes. Only last month saw Italy and Lithuania either apply or in the process of amending VAT registration thresholds. Typically, an EU derogation is required to facilitate this.

Hungary is the latest country to follow the same curvature as some of its recent European counterparts, with the EU granting Hungary permission to raise its VAT registration threshold from 48,000 Euros to 71,500 Euros.

The rise holds obvious benefits for small and medium enterprise businesses, who will be relieved of multiple VAT obligations. The increase also does not appear to come at a considerable cost to Hungarian revenues, which stand to see a loss of only 0.05% of the total VAT uptake.

Compliance is complicated

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