E-invoicing model:
  • B2G: Interoperability/Peppol
  • B2B: Post Audit
Mandatory file format:
  • B2G: TEAPPSXML, Finvoice, EN compatible
  • B2B: N/A
B2G requirements:
  • B2G: Tieke, Peppol or contracted service providers
Archiving requirements:
  • 6 Year Period
  • 13 Year Period for Invoices Related to Real Estate Investment
  • Not Required



  • VAT/G(S)ST rate information
Zero VAT for domestic transport services From 1 January 2023 to 30 April 2023, Finland will reduce VAT on domestic transport services from 10% to 0%. Service providers may deduct VAT from their purchases.


  • VAT/G(S)ST rate information
Electricity VAT reduction Countries across Europe continue to review their fiscal tax rates considering rising inflation, and also as economies strive to pick up pace in a post-covid era.   Finland has reduced the VAT rate on electricity from 24% to 10% until 30 April 2023.   Tungsten Network offers a compliant e-invoicing solution in Finland and our Web Form solution supports all valid VAT rates in the country.  


  • VAT/G(S)ST rate information
Further extension of Covid-related VAT measures As globally we turn to what many regard a new stage in the pandemic, a post-Covid economic recovery period of sorts, several countries are still enacting VAT-related measures to strengthen their economies after a tumultuous 2 years. The Finnish Parliament has passed Bill No. 8/2022, which effectively extends the temporary VAT exemption for domestic sales of goods and intra-EU purchases of goods which are used to treat or prevent coronavirus, including testing. This extension is expected to last until June 2022.

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