Navigating the global tax compliance landscape successfully is complex and resource-intensive. Every country has a specific and constantly evolving set of legislated e-invoicing requirements.

Non-compliance, intentional or not, can result in significant financial penalties, business disruption, and reputational damage.



  • Mandate information
Plan to introduce e-invoicing systems Oman introduced VAT in April 2021 as part of the GCC Common VAT Agreement, with a standard VAT rate of 5%. Recently, Oman Tax Authority expressed its interest in introducing e-invoicing in a gradual phase, opening it up to VAT taxpayers on a voluntary basis initially, and subsequently on a compulsory basis. It is unclear when the e-invoicing system will be implemented, but we can expect it to be implemented during 2023.


  • VAT/G(S)ST rate information
Introduction of VAT

Oman has introduced VAT from 16th April 2021. VAT has been set at 5% on goods and services. Certain services will be taxed at zero-rated VAT, and others exempted.

The requirement for businesses to register for VAT will depend on business turnover, which has been outlined by the Sultanate of Oman.


  • VAT/G(S)ST rate information
VAT Executive Regulations published

The VAT Executive Regulations have been issued by the Oman Tax Authority ( Decision 53 of 2021 (in Arabic)) on 14 March 2021 – this will allow companies to properly prepare for the introduction of VAT in Oman, starting from 16 April 2021.
See here for further details.

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