Accounts Receivable Network

Tungsten Network Eliminates Guesswork for Accounts Receivable

Do you ever wonder when you'll receive payment from your Buyers on outstanding invoices? Perhaps you have a special department within your organization to track receivables. Tungsten Network, takes the stress out of waiting on payment with an accelerated payment option.

With Tungsten Network Finance, Suppliers are able to take control of their cash flow. Available exclusively to Suppliers on the Tungsten Network, Tungsten Finance:

  • Is easily accessible, with rapid execution
  • Allows you to time receipts to when cash is needed
  • Lets you choose a single approved invoice, or all in one go

By tailoring finance to meet the needs of the Supplier, Tungsten Network is gaining a name for itself as the "Accounts Receivable Network". Learn more about how we can help your organization. Watch this informative video.