Electronic Invoicing Accounts Payable

Increase Efficiency Through Electronic Invoicing for Accounts Payable

Electronic invoicing processing in accounts payable departments is highly requested due to increased efficiency and reduced processing costs on the part of the buyer. However, electronic invoicing is often rejected by suppliers. Tungsten Network, the world's largest compliant invoicing network, addresses this common issue.

Tungsten Network guarantees the delivery of electronic invoices. And once received, suppliers have the visibility into the invoice status needed to monitor its progress throughout the verification and authorization process. And Tungsten Network doesn't stop there. Suppliers also benefits from:

  • The ability to convert purchase orders directly into invoices
  • Delivery of legally compliant invoices in 47 countries
  • Improved cash flow with early payment services

For enterprises to realize the efficiency and accuracy gains possible with electronic invoicing, accounts payable departments must get suppliers on board. And no one is more equipped than Tungsten Network to encourage supplier participation — and encourage the strategic relationships that deliver an ongoing competitive advantage. See how your organization can benefit by downloading our informative whitepaper, e-Invoicing and Finance.