Electronic Invoicing For Small Business

Financing for Small Businesses Using Electronic Invoicing 

Small businesses often find working capital in short supply. Goods or services have been provided, but payment is weeks — or even months away. Payroll needs to be met and bills need to be paid — to say nothing of the money needed for expansion. Tungsten Network has a solution.

Suppliers participating in electronic invoicing on the Tungsten Network have complete visibility into invoice status from submission to receipt. In addition, they are offered an accelerated invoice payment solution. With Tungsten Early Payment, suppliers can:

  • Control cash flow by selecting when to get paid on invoices
  • Use it seasonally, regularly, or when demands dictate
  • Select individual invoices, or all approved invoices in one go

Improving access to finance in this way, strengthens the global supply chain and improves the trading environment for buyers and suppliers, strengthening those relationships even further.

Whether you are a small business or large, invoicing $100 or $100,000 at a time, selecting financing on every invoice, only in their peak season or for unexpected bills, the Tungsten financing solution creates an effective, simple, and affordable route to better working capital management.

To learn more about how Tungsten helps SMEs, watch this informative video.