Electronic Invoicing Payment

Gain Insight into Electronic Invoicing Payment 

When payments are received versus when they're due is often a mystery for suppliers. This certainly impedes the management of cashflow, to say nothing of annoying your accounts receivable department. Tungsten Network takes the guesswork out of payment, and answers the question "Where is my invoice?" and "When am I going to get paid?" right in the Tungsten Network portal. 

Suppliers are better equipped to map and predict payments with Tungsten Network e-Invoicing. Rather than calling your customer's accounts payable department to locate late or lost payments, Tungsten Network e-Invoicing allows for:

  • Guaranteed delivery of electronic invoices
  • Greater visibility into invoice and payment status with Invoice Status Service
  • Improved cashflow with early payment services

Learn more about Tungsten Network and which of your customers is doing business with them — and giving you an electronic invoicing payment option by downloading this informative category insight today.