Government Invoicing

Reducing Cost with a Government Invoicing Mandate

Per the mandate of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), all federal agencies will be required to transition to electronic invoicing by the end of 2018 for appropriate federal procurements. This may seem like an ample amount of time to implement new practices, but in reality, it doesn't allow for any wasted time. For this reason, agencies need to look to Tungsten Network for their government invoicing needs.

As a fully compliant electronic invoicing network, Tungsten Network provides the visibility necessary for government agencies to avoid late payment fees and perhaps more importantly, the ability to reduce invoice processing costs by 60%. The potential savings in tax dollars is staggering. Just think of the critical agency missions that could be fulfilled. Tungsten Network is also a highly suitable platform for government invoicing due to:

  • Improved internal controls which prevent fraud and risk
  • Enabling firms of all sizes to conduct business with the federal government
  • Improved productivity in the AP department

Electronic invoicing will soon be implemented within federal government agencies. The task of discovering a solution with the robust capabilities to meet the needs of the government is imperative. Tungsten Network is just the solution. Learn more about the benefits of government invoicing with Tungsten Network by downloading Federal E-Invoicing and the OMB Mandate in the United States.