Predictable Payment

How does guaranteed invoice delivery and predictable payments sound?

Vendors are continuously challenged by locking down when their payments are due versus when they actually receive payments from their customers. A variety of challenges occure in the invoice-to-pay process, such as: 

  • Invoices are lost or misplaced during traditional transfer methods
  • Customer's processing practices can sometimes push payment delivery back past term dates
  • Vendors must maintain a staff to track down and confirm payments are made on time

With Tungsten Network e-Invoicing and PO services a supplier is better equipped to map and predict payments from their customers by submitting their invoices electronically. Say goodbye to the days of calling into your customer's accounts payable department to track down late or lost payments.

Identify your customers using the Tungsten Network and begin predicting payments today by visiting the Tungsten Network home page. 

To learn more about the benefits of Tungsten Network Early Payment offerings, download this Spend Matters research today.