Secure Data Management

Secure Data Management

Is your accounts payable (AP) department still mired in paper? Are they buried in data entry? Where do those hard copies get stored? Is security an issue? Tungsten Network automates the invoice process and provides the secure data management you've been looking for.

Tungsten Network, the global electronic invoicing network, enables Buyers and Suppliers to submit, process, and pay invoices online in the format, language, and currency of their choice. These digitally signed invoices are encrypted and stored within the Tungsten Network image archive, where they can be accessed by authorized personnel at anytime. 

Tungsten Network provides:

  • Improved internal controls for a reduction in fraud and risk
  • Enhanced invoice audit capabilities
  • Improved productivity in the AP department

There's no doubt about it, secure data management is made possible with Tungsten Network e-invoicing. Learn more by downloading e-Invoicing/e-Billing today.