Supply Chain Problems

Creating a Frictionless Supply Chain 

Supply chain problems are nothing new. From questioning invoice status to laboring over exceptions to navigating confusing state and local governing laws, problems in the Supply Chain affect Buyers and Suppliers alike. That is, until they join the Tungsten Network.

Hundreds of thousands of Buyers and Suppliers are united in electronic invoicing on the Tungsten Network. In addition to saving money, they benefit from streamlining processes and reducing the friction that can lead to strained relations. 

Buyers on the Tungsten Network:

  • Gain insight into spending trends with access to procurement data
  • Ensure compliance of complex state and local governing laws
  • Reduce time spent manually checking invoices for fraud and exceptions

Suppliers on the Tungsten Network:

  • Save time checking invoice status with 24/7 online access
  • Gain access to early payment services, putting them in control of their finances
  • Choose the currency in which to receive payment, avoiding losing out on foreign exchange transactions

Furthermore, by eliminating some of the Supply Chain problems that plague the business community, Tungsten Network is helping to solidify Buyer/Supplier relationships. Are you ready to take the friction out of trading? Download this insightful article for more information.