Up Your Cash Flow

Up Your Cash Flow with Tungsten Early Payment

There are multiple reasons why you might seek to up your cash flow. Whether you're anxious to reduce the time spent on worrying about outstanding invoice payments, looking to get a better handle on fluctuations in day-to-day business needs, or seeking ways to eliminate high-interest payments on existing debt, one thing rings true — at some point in time your business is likely to require additional financing. Tungsten Network provides an easy-to-access, low cost alternative to bank finance and factoring solutions. 

Suppliers on the Tungsten Network can easily accelerate payment on outstanding customer invoices. This optimized cash flow allows Suppliers to negotiate better terms with their own Suppliers, in addition to taking advantage of early payment discounts.

Suppliers using Tungsten Early Payment can:

  • Choose to take payment on individual invoices, or all approved invoices
  • Select when to take payment on invoices based on dynamic pricing
  • Time receipts to when you need the cash

Learn more about how you can up your cash flow with Tungsten Network's early payment solution. Download this Spend Matters Research paper for details.