6 Australia Sales tax is called Goods and Services Tax (GST). Mandatory requirements for all invoices over $1000: • All tax invoices should be clearly marked as such at the top. • Supplier identity: Name; address; Australian Business Number (ABN) • Buyer identity: Name; address; ABN • Invoice level detail: Date of issue; description of items sold; quantity; price; GST amount payable; the extent to which each sale on the invoice is a taxable sale and the words‘The total price includes GST’ Portugal In Portugal taxpayers must use billing and logistic software systems certified by the PTCA to create their legal invoices (except taxpayers whose annual turnover in the previous year was lower than EUR 100,000). The process is very similar to Mexico as Tungsten will not create the legal invoice where a supplier is obligated to use certified software. Mandatory invoice requirements: • Supplier identity: Name; address; VAT registration number; company registration number; place of registration; date of registration; name, address and VAT number of fiscal representative; type of company; share capital HOW INVOICE RULES VARY Legal requirements around invoicing are constantly shifting, so keeping up to date with what your business needs to know is important. The below will surely change, but offers a country-by-country snapshot of some of the different compliance rules around the globe for invoices generated within their borders. • Buyer identity: Name; address; VAT registration number; name, address and VAT number of fiscal representative Invoice level detail: Date; date of supply; invoice number; delivery address; VAT law reference; margin scheme reference; exchange rate; credit reason; net total; tax total; gross total; early payment discount; quantity; description; taxable amount; tax rate; tax amount; discount amount; cash accounting scheme India The Indian government implemented the new centralised indirect tax regime – GST from 1st July 2017. Under GST Mandatory invoice requirements are: Invoicecompliancearoundtheglobe