8 WHAT TUNGSTEN NETWORK DOES Tungsten Network demonstrates its position as the most trusted business network from the very beginning, with a complete series of checks on new customers before they start using the system. Once successfully integrated, three automated stages take place. 1. Invoice received and validated – At this stage, Tungsten Network systems will validate invoice data submitted by Suppliers to confirm if it satisfies the necessary mandatory invoice requirements. The system will reject the invoice and send an automated email to Suppliers if the invoice fails to pass this stage. To assist Suppliers in this process, a huge number of videos and written HowTo guides are available on Tungsten’s online portal. 2. Invoice processed – The system validates that invoices submitted by Suppliers are processed in accordance with the agreed file format and timelines. Invoices that fail any validation will be rejected by the system and an email will be automatically sent to the Buyer with a reason. 3. Invoice delivered – Only once stage one and two have been successfully completed will an invoice be sent to the Buyer. This means incorrect, non-compliant and insecure invoices are weeded out early on in the process. As well as ensuring each and every invoice includes the relevant data The Tungsten Network effect While organisations themselves are ultimately responsible for complying with localtaxregulations,theoutsourcingofadministrativeprocessestospecialised third party service providers is becoming more popular. After all, they have the expertise and resources in place to deal with ever-evolving tax legislation. Tungsten Network not only facilitates the production of legal invoices for businesses, it prides itself in being the leading global provider of compliant electronic invoicing.This is no mean feat, given it entails achieving best-in-class processes in 48 countries and counting around the globe. To retain the crown, Tungsten is constantly updating and refining its technology, while training and recruiting the best people in the business. It has invested heavily in both over the years, as it looks to maintain its market- leading position at the cutting edge of compliance in the industry.