WHAT TUNGSTEN NETWORK DOES • 9 fields, Tungsten takes a proactive approach to changing compliance regulations, actively maintaining and updating its systems and processes. While the creation of a legal invoice is the responsibility of the Supplier, this structure and framework that Tungsten provides allows Buyers and Suppliers to quickly build compliant invoices, easing worry and speeding up the process for all concerned. Tungsten’s partners To ensure the highest standards of security and industry best practice when it comes to invoicing compliance,Tungsten works with PwC and Trustweaver. These partners provide vital support, particularly when launching in new countries such as India. Tungsten Network studies the legal framework for e-invoicing and e-archiving solutions in different countries in collaboration with PwC Business Advisory Services BCVBA/ SCCRL. For almost two decades now, PwC Business Advisory Services BCVBA/SCCRL has been at the forefront of thought leadership in respect of e-invoicing and e-archiving. In the framework of this collaboration, PwC Business Advisory Services BCVBA/SCCRL has assessed whether the Tungsten Network e-invoicing & e-archiving system is in line with the TungstenNetworkComplianceGuides. PwC Business Advisory Services is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited.“PwC”is the brand under which member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (PwCIL) operate and provide services. Together, these firms form the PwC network. Each firm in the network is a separate and independent legal entity and does not act as agent of PwCIL or any other member firm. PwC firms provide industry-focussed assurance, tax and advisory services to enhance value for their clients. More than 223,000 people in 157 countries in firms across the PwC network share their thinking, experience and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice. In 2015 Tungsten Network was the first business to be awarded the TrustWeaver-Verified TrustMark. This is an internationally recognised symbol to verify that Tungsten takes responsibility for different aspects of compliance in terms of the end-to- end digital invoicing process, vital when considering the costs and risks involved in tax compliance. Going above and beyond to invest in compliance is a real differentiator, and the TrustMark recognises four key areas: the management of invoice integrity and authenticity; Digital standards… TungstenNetworkadherestostringentstandardswhenit comes to its digital offering. These include: • International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) No. 3402 • ISO/IEC 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS) … and secure processes Security processes are paramount at Tungsten, and their implementation strictly governed. These include: • Access Control • Cryptography Control • Physical and Environmental Control • Backup Control • Technical Vulnerabilities Control • Network Security Management • Suppliers Relationships Control archiving and auditor access; end- to-end controls between the trading partners and the service provider; and the service provider’s processes to ensure that invoices contain all legally required data fields. By awarding Tungsten the highest mark of compliance, and now Premium Partner status, TrustWeaver signifies that the network offers best-in-class service and expertise. In terms of day-to-day activity, TrustWeaver creates and validates the digital signatures attached to invoices processed by Tungsten. E-signatures are the equivalent of handwritten signatures and can only be issued to a person. Trustweaver does the same for electronic seals, designed for automated processes like e-invoicing. Together, Tungsten and TrustWeaver provide businesses with a world class platform for the invoicing process, ensuring compliance is maintained day-in day-out. The two business collaborate closely to do ensure this is the case, and will continue to do so in the future as laws change and businesses evolve their requirements.