Why Tungsten Network

Why Tungsten Network for Pharma


50% of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms choose Tungsten Network as their trusted e-invoicing partner.


Pharmaceutical companies increasingly look to digital invoicing to remove friction from their supply chains. Why? Real-time spend analysis. Improved cash flow management. More efficient workflows. Reduced overhead and lower overall cost of invoicing processing. Lower cost in accounts payable frees money for R&D.


Our experience with your industry leads to faster implementations and higher supplier adoption rates. Our network of global pharma suppliers already includes many of the firms you work with. In addition, we comply with HIPPA's data security requirements, as well as other healthcare information security laws.


At Tungsten Network, we have built the most trusted tax-compliant business transaction network in the world. Scores of pharma companies are using Tungsten Network today. Shouldn’t you be using us, too?