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Invoicing has the potential to be your greatest asset


With the right technology, there is a wealth of insightful data, strategic value and revenue businesses can gain from the invoice process. Delivering maximum value to global businesses is our key motivation behind all of our solutions, and we understand that historic challenges require innovative solutions.

Total AP

Realise 100% invoice digitisation from day one, accommodating all your suppliers, regardless of size, location, or maturity with Total AP

100% Invoice Digitisation

Streamline your operations, remove unnecessary back-office processes and enable your front office to thrive. There’s no software or hardware to install - exchange invoice data with suppliers in any format, we’ll do the rest.

Country Compliance

Tungsten Network’s compliant network lets you futureproof your business and stay ahead of legal obligations while reducing the potential for fraud and human error.


Transform your invoice data into a competitive advantage. Access real-time, line-level data to identify price variances and improve your procurement decisions.


Combining global tax compliance with transformed and efficient processes allows your front office to focus on growing the business and driving you forward.

Total AR

Take control of your invoicing with Total AR – a complete solution to manage your cash with unmatched visibility and control of the reconciliation process


Stop complex, manual implementation processes, intelligently manage to send invoices and eliminate costly integrations with a customer or government portals.

Country Compliance

Tungsten Network is tax compliant in more countries than any other trading network in the world. Improve internal controls, reduce errors, and enhance invoice audit capabilities.


With clear invoice visibility, you’ll know exactly when your invoice has been received and when it’s due for payment. Reduce your Day Sales Outstanding, release cash to the balance sheet and gain real business agility.


Digitise all your invoices through a single, digitally-focused connection with no time-consuming, costly exceptions.

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