AP Electronic Invoicing

Streamline and digitise your accounts payable processes

This is among the most fundamental benefits of adopting e-invoicing in the accounts payable process.

No matter how your supplier sends you invoices, we convert them to electronic data, generating 100% transaction and spend visibility for you – valuable data which can enhance your oversight on spending.

For the global business, fortifying your AP team with a robust compliance network is essential to being world-class. We’ve built the world’s largest, compliant business transaction network, so you can securely invoice with confidence.

Make your AP process a strategic asset with e-invoicing

Automate critical processes

Scale business operations more easily and improve the productivity of the AP department. Reduce exception management and errors.

Manage cash flow

Use real-time data to optimise spending, negotiate better prices and capture more discounts offered by your suppliers.

Reduce risks

Improve internal controls, reducing the potential for fraud and mistakes, and enhance invoice audit capabilities.

Reduce overheads

Reduce the costs of handling invoices by more than 50%.

Facilitate global growth

Tungsten Network is tax compliant in more countries than any other trading network in the world.

Liberate your team

Employees can focus on value-add tasks and work more strategically.

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