Total AR

A solution built for suppliers

All your invoices delivered

Invoice submission is more complex than ever. Managing varying customer requirements, multiple distribution channels and various networks and formats is tedious, and with government and country mandates on the rise, businesses don’t have the time or resources to keep up.

The Tungsten Network platform provides total visibility of your billings and allows you to submit one file, in any channel and format you need, to support the delivery of 100% of your invoices to 100% of your customers.

Take control of your invoicing with Total AR – a complete solution to manage your cash with unmatched visibility and control of the reconciliation process.

The pillars driving Total AR


Control your cash flow, scale your business operations effectively and improve the productivity of the AR department. Let AR become a strategic asset - reduce invoice handling costs, exception management and errors.


Tungsten Network is tax compliant in more countries than any other trading network in the world. Improve internal controls, reducing the potential for fraud and mistakes, and enhance invoice audit capabilities.


With clear visibility, you’ll know exactly when your invoice has been received with the electronic delivery and when they’re due for payment. Reduce your Day Sales Outstanding, release cash to the balance sheet and gain business agility.

How it works

Send 100% your outbound invoices electronically through a single provider, regardless of the invoice submission methods. Dramatically increase your invoice processing and credit collection efficiencies, while reducing the cost of sale and time spent waiting for payment on your goods or services. Automating your AR process increases control over your working capital position and gives you insight you need to work efficiently.

Helping make your Accounts Receivable department strategic

Guaranteed invoice delivery
Reduction in late payments
Improved customer relationship
Faster cycle time, faster payment
No added IT integration costs
Local compliance through a single connection
Less exception handling
Improved cash flow
No re-keying into systems and portals

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