AR Electronic Invoicing

All your invoices delivered

The cornerstone of the Accounts Receivable process is the effective submission of your invoices

AR teams are expected to connect to multiple global systems. With electronic invoicing, you can transform that obstacle into an advantage. Once you’ve submitted your invoice in your chosen format we process, translate, enrich and validate the data before delivering your invoice directly to your buyers in anywhere in the world.

Your invoices are then archived to meet local, regulatory requirements.

We’re helping the world’s suppliers go digital

Guaranteed invoice delivery

You can submit all your invoices electronically and know exactly when they’ve been received by your customers.

Full visibility of your invoice status online

From confirmation of receipt to final payment – no more chasing accounts payable.

Network effects

We run the largest compliant business transaction network in the world. If you have one buyer on our network, you probably have another. Our search feature lets you find them.

Secure archiving

All your invoices are digitally signed, encrypted and stored within the Tungsten Network image archive, where you can access them anytime.

Purchase order conversions

Save valuable time by simply converting purchase orders directly into invoices with automation technology through Tungsten Network.

Upgrade your internal process

Enhance your entire Order-to-Cash process by receiving electronic orders and delivering the associated benefits right through the business.

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