2 Way Matching Accounts Payable Process

Tungsten Network's 2 Way Matching Accounts Payable Process Integrates with Your ERP System

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In a 2 way matching accounts payable process within your Accounts Payable (AP) process, quantity and amount on the invoice are matched to the corresponding purchase order. Without an automated AP department, this matching process can be time consuming and leaves room for error. Businesses using Tungsten Network are now realizing cost and time savings from automating their AP department.

Tungsten Network Workflow integrates live and in real time with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system – SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, or JD Edwards – and compares the line level data from your invoices to your PO line data. It automatically matches based on a combination of Item Number, Description, Quantity, and Unit Cost.

If a match within your ERP’s tolerance settings is possible, the invoice can be automatically posted to your ERP for payment. If a match is not possible, Tungsten Network Workflow will display the PO lines which allows for quick identification and corrections of billing errors. In addition, a live integration with your ERP results in near real time changes within Tungsten Network Workflow.

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Choosing an Accounts Payable automation solution is no easy task – There are key differences that separate different solution providers.

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