Accounting Automation

Drive Accounting Automation for Both Buyers & Suppliers

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Tungsten Network’s unique ability to drive accounting automation for both buyers and suppliers is one of the many benefits of an e-invoicing platform like ours.

Buying customers need to confidently capture their spend, reliably process invoices for payment, and successfully manage DPO and working capital. All of this while they attempt to drive excessive costs and manual labor out of historically clunky processes.

Suppliers want assurance that their invoice has been delivered simply and successfully, that the invoice is being processed and that their invoices are going to be paid on time. Furthermore, they want the opportunity to take their payment early if their situation warrants it.

Enter Tungsten Network. 

Customers use our All-in-One workflow solution to manage billions of dollars in spend without excessive manual touches. Real-time integrations with SAP, Oracle EBS and JD Edwards ERPs allow for robust reporting and forecasting before and after invoices post for payment.

Our e-invoicing Network bring buyers and suppliers together to seamlessly exchange Purchase Order, Invoice, and Payment Status information within seconds instead of days.

All suppliers are provided with full visibility into the life of their invoices via our free web portal and those looking to eliminate manual invoice distribution use our Integrated Solution to send invoices automatically to their customers. Guaranteed invoice receipt notifications, payment status reports, and early pay opportunities allow suppliers of all sizes to leverage automation and drive increased value.