Accounts Payable Duties Responsibilities

Altering Accounts Payable Duties and Responsibilities

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As accounts payable departments find themselves increasingly busy with processing duties and compliance monitoring responsibilities, the need for automation increases. After all, how can your team focus on strategic initiatives when it’s all they can do to keep up with incoming invoices? This is where Tungsten Network can help.

As the world’s largest compliant electronic invoicing network, Tungsten Network connects hundreds of thousands of buyers and suppliers in all of the markets that they serve. Tungsten Network enables suppliers to submit electronic invoice data in the format of their choice. This data is then:

  • Processed
  • Translated
  • Enriched
  • Validated

Accounts payable departments achieve increased levels of efficiency and accuracy with Tungsten Network, reporting a reduction in per invoice processing costs of 60% or more. By automating accounts payable with Tungsten Network, the duties and responsibilities of your team change drastically for the better. Learn more about our offerings by downloading this informative white paper.

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