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Are paper invoices slowing you down? Is your accounts payable (AP) department so busy receiving, verifying, keying in, and filing invoices that there isn’t time left for anything else? With Tungsten Network, electronic invoicing allows buyers and suppliers to gain significant efficiencies to enhance business decision making.

With Tungsten Network e-Invoicing, buyers and suppliers are able to submit, process, and pay invoices online in the currency, language, and format of their choice. Tungsten Network customers save an average of more than 60% in cost per invoice processing, which explains why 56% of the Fortune 500 utilize the services of Tungsten Network.

Key benefits to the buyer include:

  • Improved internal controls reducing fraud and risk
  • Access to real-time data for optimized spending
  • More time for staff to work on strategic iniatives

And supplier benefits include:

  • Guaranteed delivery of electronic invoices
  • Greater visibility into invoice and payment status
  • Improved cashflow with early payment services

The transition to Tungsten Network e-Invoicing is easy with delivery of invoices directly to global buyers’ ERP systems, including Oracle eBusiness Suite, SAP, and JD Edwards, or AP solutions.

To learn more about Tungsten Network’s e-invoicing solutions, download this category insight into e-Invoicing and Finance.

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