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For JD Edwards Accounts Payable, Tungsten Network Workflow is an integration workflow solution working with all supported releases of JDE Enterprise One (E1) and JDE World. Tungsten Network Workflow processes all types of invoices, whether they are delivered as true e-Invoices from suppliers or are received on paper, via email attachments, fax servers, or dropped into watched folders and processed using Advanced Capture.

Once the invoices are received, TNWF automatically matches PO-based invoices with JD Edwards PO data (2-way) and receipt data (3-way) live and in real-time, using JDE data and tolerance matching rules while managing any exceptions which may occur. Non-PO invoices are routed for GL coding and approval, in a flexible and configurable manner matching the client’s processing requirements. Using standard interfaces, TNWF automatically posts vouchers into JDE for payment once invoice processing has been successfully completed. A reporting tool is also included, allowing quick and easy access to historical invoicing and payment data.

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