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OMB Mandated E Invoicing

Tungsten Network and the OMB e-Invoicing Mandate

A recent mandate from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) states that all government agencies transition to e-invoicing prior to the end of 2018. The time is now to find an e-invoicing solution that meets the requirements of the OMB while delivering benefits to the individual agency. Tungsten Network is that solution.

Tungsten Network, a fully compliant e-invoicing network, delivers full visibility into the invoicing process, making it possible for government agencies to avoid late payment fees and drastically reduce invoice processing costs — by as much as 60%. This allows agencies to save on processing costs and fund critical missions. Tungsten Network also provides:

  • The ability of firms of all sizes to conduct business with the federal government
  • Improved internal controls which prevent fraud and risk
  • Improve productivity in the AP department

The OMB has mandated e-invoicing for government agencies. Learn more about how Tungsten Network can make this process easy and advantageous. Download Federal E-Invoicing and the OMB Mandate in the United States.