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Securing working capital is a hassle, to say the least and worse, it can be difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be. Suppliers on the Tungsten Network benefit from professional financial services.

With Tungsten Early Payment, suppliers use approved invoices to create a working capital financing solution. And as Tungsten Early Payment is easy to set up, easy to access, and available 24/7 online, it’s far preferable to a visit to the bank. What’s more, you only pay when you opt to use it.

With Tungsten Early Payment, suppliers can:

  • Control cash flow by selecting when to get paid on invoices
  • Select individual invoices, or all invoices in one go
  • Use seasonally, regularly, or as need demands

Tungsten Network connects hundreds of thousands of suppliers and buyers around the world. And we understand that by providing easy access to finance we’re strengthening the financial supply chain for suppliers and improving the trading environment for buyers.

Learn more about the professional financial services revolution and how Tungsten Network is leading the charge by downloading e-Invoicing and Finance.

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