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Purchase Order Invoice Process

Do you need help with your Purchase Order Invoice Processing? Look no further than Tungsten Network e-invoicing and straight-through processing services. 

Using integrated PO transmissions, Tungsten Network delivers your purchase orders to our easy-to-use vendor portal--or to the supplier's ERP directly. From there, the vendor can use our PO Convert functionality or submit an invoice in a number of other methods directly into the Tungsten Network. 

This is where our market expertise enters the fray:

  • Tungsten Network checks the invoice data for integrity. Does the invoice add up?
  • Tungsten Network checks the invoice data against local tax requirements. 
  • Finally, Tungsten Network matches the invoice against your PO data to ensure a clean invoice is delivered to your ERP. 

Once a clean invoice enters your environment, the PO-match is already a given. Once the goods receipt matches, your invoice is on it's way to auto-posting. We at Tungsten call that Straight-Through-Processing! No touch invoice processing for payment.

To learn more, contact Tungsten or download Eradicating Invoice Exceptions eBook to your right today!