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The frictionless business transaction network

Tungsten Network's e-invoicing platform removes the friction from procure-to-pay processes. We process invoices in every corner of the world, driving down operating costs, stimulating cash flow and removing the risk of fraud for our customers.

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An easier way

What does it cost you to get paid?

Understand and manage your cash flow with Tungsten Network's suite of value-added products. Our products range from data analytics designed to give you actionable insights into your working capital position, to financing options that support the development of your business, regardless of size.

Why choose Tungsten Network?

Principled, passionate and proven, Tungsten Network processes invoices for 76% of the FTSE 100 and 67% of the F500. Delivering trusted connections and streamlined transactions, Tungsten Network is making the digitisation of global commerce faster, easier and smarter. Join the frictionless revolution today!

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Why Tungsten Network

The future is frictionless

Is friction in your procure-to-pay processed slowing down your payments? Find the friction in your back office using Tungsten Network's Friction Index.