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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an e-invoicing company, of course we have roots in environmental sustainability. Our passion is to rid the world of paper invoices. But we are keenly aware of our responsibilities to all our stakeholders –­ including customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and local communities – as well as to the environment.

We maintain a clear internal policy to support environmentally-conscientious activities. Our environmental policy includes guidelines for reducing energy consumption by one third. These activities span our entire organisation: from the way we create and distribute marketing materials and a company-wide limit on office printing, to our approach to ensuring all IT equipment is energy efficient.

In 2014, we relocated our headquarters to a new London office. Since then, we have introduced environmentally sound features into the building, which now uses 40% less energy to run than before the refit.

We also offer employees a ‘bike to work’ scheme that helps colleagues travel to the office without damaging the environment by taking advantage of significant savings through a government-backed leasing arrangement.

We are honoured to have won the International Green Apple Award for 9 years running for the positive impact the use our technology has on the environment.

Tungsten Network Leaders Club

Each year we recognise clients who reach significant milestones, replacing impressive numbers of paper invoices with their more efficient – more environmentally-friendly – electronic equivalents. In 2015, each of these companies processed more than 2.5 million invoices on our network. It’s an honour to work with them.

Company Electronic Invoices Trees Saved
HP Group HP Enterprise 12,446,058 4,480
MOHAWK GROUP 4,486,874 1,615
UNILEVER 3,780,573 1,361
2,947,953 1,061
GSK GROUP 2,527,326 910
MONDELEZ GROUP 2,573,674 927