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Tungsten Corporation Plc Interim Results to 31 October 2018

Tungsten Corporation Plc Full Year Results to 30 April 2018

Tungsten Corporation Plc Interim Results to 31 October 2017

Tungsten Corporation Plc Results FY17

Review the highlights of our annual report for the last financial year in this online summary. This is a fairly detailed overview of our results for financial year 2017. Alternatively you can download the full report from the links below.

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Hear from the CFO, David Williams

Tungsten Network Business Model

Tungsten Network Business Model

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Tungsten Network

Tungsten Network Workflow

Tungsten Network Early Payment

Tungsten Network Analytics

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The value this creates

> Enables buyers to reduce their AP costs by 60%

> Helps SMEs control and optimise their cash flow

> Improves tax collection for governments

> Streamlines global trade

> Reduces environmental footprint