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Streamline and digitise your accounts payable processes

Electronic invoicing from Tungsten Network completely eliminates paper from the process of paying your suppliers, and increases the efficiency and accuracy of your accounts payable team.

Tungsten Network delivers e-invoicing solutions to global, complex and trusted businesses:

E-invoicing makes AP a more strategic function

Automate critical processes

Scale business operations more easily and improve productivity of the AP department. Reduce exception management and errors.

Manage working capital & cash flow

Use real-time data to optimise spending, negotiate better prices and capture more discounts offered by your suppliers.

Reduce risks

Improve internal controls, reducing the potential for fraud and mistakes, and enhance invoice audit capabilities.

Save money

Reduce the costs of handling invoices by more than 50%.

Facilitate global growth

Tungsten Network is tax compliant in more countries than any other trading network in the world.

Improve morale

Free your team to think and work strategically.

The tools you need to connect your supply chain digitally

Supplier engagement

Our dedicated enrolment teams help bring your suppliers onboard and build their e-invoicing programmes.

Easy connectivity

There’s no software or hardware to install. Exchange invoice data with suppliers in any format.

Spend analytics

Access real-time, line-level data to identify price variances and improve your procurement decisions.

Invoice validation & compliance

Our software translates, enriches and validates each supplier invoice.

Invoice status service

Suppliers can check invoice status online, and reduce calls and emails by 60%, increasing productivity and cutting costs.

Secure archiving

All your invoices are digitally signed, encrypted and stored within the Tungsten Network image archive, where you can access them any time.

PO services

Use the Network to deliver purchase orders quickly and reliably. Your suppliers can use your POs to create an invoice online.

Calculate your potential savings on invoices received

Select number of invoices received per year:

You must enter a value between 10000 and 1000000
Receive Enter codification Validate & matching Dispute management Payment & cash management Archiving Full costs
Electronic (automated)
Total potential savings

Source: We use data from the E-Invoicing/E-Billing report by Billentis, which is based on actual customer cases. Download a free copy of the Billentis report here.

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