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Mastercard Track in partnership with
Tungsten Network

Timely knowledge of your trading partners improves efficiency and reduces risk; bringing you closer to the frictionless future

How well do you know your trading partners? Do any of them have compliance violations, credit issues, or negative business practices? Today’s global supply chains make visibility difficult and information changes quickly. It’s time-consuming and expensive to monitor your trading partners, yet the consequences of not doing so can be severe, ranging from hefty fines to supply chain disruptions.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mastercard to offer Mastercard Track which has an in-built ‘trade directory,’ a database of 220 million+ global companies that lets buyers and suppliers, identify, validate and monitor the trading status of their counterparties. The trade directory reduces the friction of manual validation and monitoring efforts by providing continuous updates and alerts on adverse media mentions, credit score changes, and various compliance lists to help you build a more trusted network.

Early adopters of Mastercard Track are matching 85%+ of their trading partners in the database, creating a strong foundation for cost-effective monitoring of their counterparties. 

Trade more confidently with Mastercard Track in partnership with Tungsten Network

Knowing Your Supply Chain

Why Use Mastercard Track with Tungsten Network?

Mastercard Track’s expansive database, always on risk management and proactive alerts help businesses cost-effectively monitor their trading partners, reducing friction in the operating relationship.

The trade directory focuses on the most commonly used and indicative risk indicators and is built on the foundation of corporate registry data which is overlaid with firmographic business information, credit scores and global financial crime data.

Increase Efficiency

Multiple information subscriptions and tedious manual validation are expensive and time-consuming. An automated, single-source solution can reduce information costs up to 60% and employee hours up to 40%.

Easy Access

The average enterprise wastes resource by subscribing to multiple information services. Mastercard Track is fully integrated with Tungsten Network, providing a single-sign-on view of key information through our online portal.

Know Your Trading Partner

65% of procurement executives report limited or no visibility beyond their tier 1 suppliers. With access to over 220 million company records, Mastercard Track with Tungsten Network provides clear visibility into your entire supply chain or customer base.

Risk Management

Noncompliant trading partners can saddle you with damaging disruptions or hefty fines—some companies have been fined upwards of $500 million. Our automated compliance monitoring of 3,400+ compliance lists helps ensure you trade only with trusted companies.

Proactive Alerts

Are you concerned about the media or a competitor learning about a problem before you do? Mastercard Track’s customizable notification system immediately makes you aware of any critical changes to a partner’s profile, meaning you’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to your supply chain.

Fraud Reduction

In our 2018 Friction study, companies reported spending an average of 23 hours a week handling fraudulent invoices—a 722% increase from 2017’s average. Complete visibility across the supply chain helps ensure a trusted network, meaning easier identification of fraudulent invoices.

Key Statistics:

  • Contains over 220 Million business entities worldwide
  • Covers 176 countries
  • Foundation of the business profile is the local corporate registry data
  • Firmographic data is added to the registry data to include additional information such as company size or Tax ID
  • Credit data is available in some launch markets (US, UK, Canada, and China) as well as identification of source and delivery of scores for c.42 primary countries
  • Overlaid over all other data elements is the global financial crime data (anti-money laundering, anti-bribery & corruption).
  • This includes 271 individual sanctions lists over 4,000 sources for identification of political exposure and 10’s of thousands of sources for adverse media.

Knowing your counterparty; reducing friction in compliance and risk

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