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PO Services

Save time and money with streamlined PO processing

PO Services from Tungsten Network eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, faxes, and traditional mail from the P2P process. Now, you can create more accurate invoices in minutes—not days—saving you and your Suppliers time and money.

Shift from ordinary to extraordinary P2P processing with:

PO Data Upload

Upload and update POs on the Tungsten Network portal via a single button click.

PO Delivery

Inform Suppliers of an uploaded PO automatically, so they can view POs directly on the Network or their ERP software.

PO Acknowledgement

Receive fewer blocked invoices, late orders, and late payments as Suppliers accept, reject, or request changes with a mouse-click.

PO Convert

Expect faster invoices and fewer rejections by giving Suppliers simple, instant invoice creation with auto-populated PO data.

PO Compliance & Validation

Gain peace of mind while each invoice is automatically validated and checked against business rules, global compliance standards, and PO data.

Bring the advantages of streamlined PO processing to your AP

Buyer Benefits

Speed up payment

Shave days—even weeks—off the payment process with accelerated distribution, acknowledgement, and review.

Invoice more accurately

Eliminate errors from manual entry of PO data, and see more first-time match rates between POs and invoices.

Ensure validation & compliance

Rest easy when all invoices are automatically checked against business rules, compliance standards, and PO data.

Reduce late orders

Defeat delays caused by blocked invoices by addressing errors automatically in minutes, not days.

Supplier Benefits

Expedite invoice creation

Transfer data from POs to invoices with ease—no manual entry required.

Decrease back-and-forth inquiries

Eliminate the need to contact Buyers via phone, email, or fax.

Simplify reviews

Experience “one-click” acceptance, rejection, or modification of POs.

Pay on time, more of the time

Receive fewer late payments caused by blocked invoices.

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