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Optimise procure-to-pay to achieve your business goals.


Tungsten Network Workflow streamlines AP processes from initial receipt of invoices until their submission for payment, providing reporting and a full audit trail of all activity. We can save your accounts payable team valuable time, as well as money. Clients who combine our workflow offering with e-invoicing reduce accounts payable costs by 60% or more.

Some of the world's most complex and trusted businesses use Tungsten Network Workflow:

Best practices for optimising Procure-to-Pay with Tungsten Network Workflow

The AP automation capabilities you’ve been waiting for

We customise Tungsten Network Workflow for your department based on industry best practices. Flexible and highly configurable, Tungsten Network Workflow lets you test, measure and manage process changes, continually refining the effectiveness and efficiency of your AP function. Reports and dashboards are available via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Automatic PO matching

Your PO backed invoices go through automatic 2- or 3-way matching, leveraging invoice line items, ERP data and tolerance matching rules in real-time.

Invoice status service

Suppliers can check invoice status online, and reduce calls and emails by 60%, increasing productivity and cutting costs.

Automated transactions

We automatically post transactions for payment into the ERP system without the need for human intervention.

End-to-end visibility

We monitor payment processing in the ERP system and pull back the associated payment data to provide end-to-end visibility from invoice receipt to payment.

Multiple input methods

The system processes e-invoices received via direct integration with the Tungsten Network, and paper-based, emailed PDF and faxed invoices through intelligent capture OCR.

Exception management

Exceptions are researched and resolved quickly using Tungsten Network-designed plug-ins.

Advanced capture

Tungsten Network Advanced Capture allows you to scan Accounts Payable invoices and intelligently recognise and capture key data without using templates.

Tungsten Network Advanced Capture

Tungsten Network Advanced Capture (TNAC) is a step into the future. Coupled with ERP integration, TNAC allows you to scan Accounts Payable invoices and intelligently recognise and capture key data, without using templates. This data is passed into Tungsten Network Workflow to initiate invoice processing. If you also use Tungsten Network’s auto-match products, your invoices can be matched against purchase orders and/or receipts.

Key Features of Tungsten Network Advanced Capture

Data validation

Data is validated against your ERP data on the fly, verifying that correct vendor information and purchase order information is captured before exporting to Tungsten Network Workflow for processing.


Knowledge-based OCR; no templates required.


Watched-folders: monitor and automatically OCR documents when they are added to a network folder.


Monitor email addresses and automatically OCR incoming email messages and/or attachments.

Cloud-based solution

Browser-based user interface; no desktop software to install.


Automatically classifies, separates, sorts and extracts data from documents in paper, fax and electronic formats.

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